How To Structure Your Videos For The Win

When it comes to video creation, it is always a good idea to have a repeatable system in place. Having a series of steps that you can follow like a template will help you being more effective.

Once you have your main content recorded for your video, whether this is a talking head video (in which you appear on-screen) or if you have recorded the audio version of your video script, and you want to use it to create an animation or slideshow type video, then it’s now time to put everything together.

A good way to structure your video is to break it down into these main sections:

1.- Hook your viewers quick

You only have around 3-6 seconds to grab your viewers’ attention or they’ll click off and go somewhere else. So don’t waste those first few seconds with an introduction, no matter how cool you think it is.

Instead, let them know what they’ll learn, or tease them what’s in store for them if they watch your video.

2.- Add your visual branding

Now it’s a good idea to brand your video with a brief intro such as an animated logo reveal and some music. Note how that the word brief is bolded and underlined! Ideally, this should be no longer than 2-3 seconds.

Note: On my recommended tools page you will find resources to create these intro and outros.

3.- Add an Introduction

Now you can introduce yourself, remind them what your video is about, and encourage them to watch your video to the end because this is where your call to action will be.

4.- Your Main content goes here

This is the part of the video where you will deliver your message or provide the content that you promised and aim to do this in an easy-to-follow manner and at a steady pace so that people can understand it and follow along step by step.

5.- Don’t forget a Call to Action!

You need to ensure that you add a clear call to action at the end of your video so that your viewers know exactly what to do and what to expect next. This could be a simple as “now click here to watch the next video” or “click on the link in the description below this video”

If you don’t tell them then they won’t know.

6.- Add an Outro/End screen

Now you can add an outro the same or similar to your intro to help with branding your video and maybe display your logo or company name. If your creating YouTube videos then now would be a good time to encourage them to subscribe, if they’ve watched your video to the end then they’ve obviously enjoyed it and are more likely to want to watch more.

And that’s about all!

Optionally (and depending on the type of video), you could add some bloopers… If you have made any funny mistakes in your video then you could add them here. People love watching funny out-takes and it’ll leave them feeling in a good mood and will help with connecting more with your viewers.


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