TL;DR – Highly experienced graphics/video pro helps online marketers and business owners to stand out and look like a PRO with top-quality visual content  🚀

Trying to grow your online business, but all of your stuff looks terrible? Don’t have the time, skills, and knowledge needed to make your content stand out from the crowd and grab people’s attention?
Well… Hello, hello!
My name’s Angel Corman from Barcelona Spain, and I’ve been creating graphics and videos professionally for the past 15 years.
During that time, I’ve worked with advertising agencies, “solopreneurs”, all kinds of brands big and small… and of course for my own online projects & businesses too. Check out a tiny small sample of my work here!
I’m good at what I do (no false modesty needed) because I’m passionate about creativity and marketing, which is why I’ve put an insane amount of time and effort into building my skill set.
Working hard during a fire
In order to make your stuff stand out from the crowd and look like a million bucks 💎 you’re gonna definitely need more than fancy software.
The good news are that, no matter how much you think you suck at it, there are some skills and basic concepts that when you learn and apply, you’ll get better results. Period.
And guess what… That’s precisely what this blog is about!
Here’s some stuff I like:
  • 80’s-90’s power ballads help me to focus at work ⚡⚡
  • Love comic books, horror movies, and pop culture.
  • Everything Online Marketing from branding, to PLR content, traffic, etc…
  • Quirky stuff for “infotainment” purposes, because why not.
  • Video and graphic freebies for ya! 🎁